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Blessing Ceremony

Blessing Ceremony | Unity Ceremonies| Alternative Weddings | Humanist Weddings | Lesbian weddings | Gay Weddings | Trans Wedding|People decide to have a Blessing Ceremony for all sorts of reasons; perhaps you married in a Registry office and now wish to have a ceremony that is more meaningful and personal to you both.

Or maybe you have had a Civil Partnership in the past and now want to convert to a marriage. You can sign to do this in the UK after from the 10th December 2014 at a Registry office but they won’t be holding ceremonies. Marking the occasion with a bespoke ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate your union.

You may not want a legal marriage but want to celebrate your relationship. Others have married abroad and want to include people who could not be there at the time.

There are many, many reason’s couples choose to have their marriages or relationships blessed, and whether you decide on a big event or something more intimate with a few people that you are close to, the choice is entirely yours.


For reasons of your own you might not have told people that you are already married,  getting married or having a blessing. Of course I will not break the law, but I will offer a completely confidential service and will not discuss your private information with anybody you do not wish me to.

Hi Liz, Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, everyone has been saying that it was one of the nicest most personal ceremonies they have been to, apparently there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Thanks for making it so special,we will definitely be recommending you! Helen & Kim x

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